The Design and Build Process

Meet and Inspire Ideas

Collaborative Design: In our consultation, we listen to your ideas, offering suggestions for pool design, decking, accents, safety, and more, drawing on our extensive experience.

A pool with a stone floor and a glass roof

Design Consultation Prep

Essential for Precision: Bring a TO SCALE, up-to-date SITE SURVEY to our meeting for accurate project drawings and quotes. Unsure? We can help you verify scale before the design consultation.

Set Your Project Budget

Critical Note: For efficient planning, please ensure project financing is pre-approved before our initial meeting. Having a budget in mind, akin to buying a home, enables us to tailor designs and explore alternative ideas that suit your financial goals.

A pool with a waterfall and fire pit.

Project Design and Quotation

Efficient Delivery: Expect our detailed 2D and artistic 3D project drawings, along with a comprehensive line-item project quotation, within approximately two business weeks post our initial design meeting. These designs provide project details, dimensions, and the flexibility for any adjustments based on your feedback.

Winning Your Trust

Choosing Innovative Pools Inc.? Expect a DocuSign contract packet for electronic signatures. Once received, we handle all county, city, or architectural review board paperwork for permitting, including payment of HOA review fees up to $100.00. No upfront project deposits are required—we invoice based on completed construction stages as agreed upon in the contract. This unique practice places the financial risk on us, setting us apart as the only accredited pool builder in the area with this business method.

A pool with a view of the water and trees.

Efficient Construction Scheduling

Scheduled Start: Your project will commence on a specific week date. Receive a detailed technique and timeline document outlining our building process from our team.

Selecting Materials

Effortless Material Selection: Choose pool decking, coping, tile, and interior finish with our streamlined process. Vice President Tracee will guide you through the selection in a quick and straightforward manner.

Pool Construction

Construction Timeline: 12 to 16 weeks, contingent on project scope, weather, material, and potential personnel delays.

A pool with chairs and a bench in the middle of it.

Pool Orientation & Post-Fill Guide Complimentary 30-Day Service

Efficient Service Transition: Our licensed team instructs you on pool operation and maintenance within two weeks of project completion. Receive a custom binder with specifics and owner manuals. For the first 30 days post-startup, our service team works twice a week.

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